Cyncerely Me

We all have our friends who we do things with as a ritual… Well with my particular group of friends… We have this thing where we meet at #TheHazelInn…

The name comes from my friend James, who I call Haze, due to his hazel eyes and the actual meetings being at his place. It’s kind of our ritual to meet at his place and pretty much do a table talk.

This particular day (Friday June 20) the topic of discussion was personal goals. Each person was supposed to show up with a list of 10 goals, long or short-term and present them to the group.

Can you say fail? That totally didn’t happen. Instead we all spent the night catching up (we hadn’t seen each other in a long while) eating Papa Johns, and Neapolitan cake.

Despite the evening not going as planned, we all truly enjoyed ourselves and each…

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